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Message from Dave Clarke


From: David Clarke
Sent: 05 June 2009 18:07
Subject: Ian Gibbons - very ill but OK now!


Dear all,


Ian was recently on tour with Roger Chapman in Germany and was rushed into hospital

during a visit to a restaurant on a night off on Thursday 21 May with appendicitis.


They operated quickly but he developed peritonitis and was a very lucky boy to have

been treated at almost the 11th hour! After some really nasty treatment only the very

non-squeamish should ask he was out of hospital after about a week.


Fortunately Nadia was there when it happened. He can now do pretty much everything

except heavy lifting and drinking just when you need one they always tell you not to!

probably not too much hanging from chandeliers or jumping off wardrobes either.


Take care.


Dave & Christina  


Message from Ian :


From: Ian Gibbons
Sent: 15 June 2009 19:30


Many thanks to everyone who sent get well wishes. 


I did a couple of songs with Ray outside the National Theatre with the choir.  All went well.  Highlights may be shown on the BBC1 or ITV news, but not sure when! 


Good to be playing again - no heavy lifting though, hurrah!






Ian will be well enough to perform with The Kast Off Kinks at Tropic at Ruislip on 19 June 2009.


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