Kinks Night at the Clissold Arms 2011

As has become the tradition, the evening before the Kinks Konvention, a group of Kinks fans got together for a good old Kinks jam.  Previously, it has been Geoff Lewis on the keyboards, with maybe one or two joining in on other instruments, for the fans to sing along with, but in 2011 it was rather different.

George Karageorgis, owner of  The Clissold Arms, Fortis Green, the spiritual home of Kinks fans, designated  Saturday 12 November  2011 "Kinks Night" and Geoff put together a 7-piece band of musicians from several countries (most of whom were meeting for the first time that night) - the Kinksfan Kollektiv.

Geoff Lewis & The Kinksfan Kollektiv
Videos courtesy of Emily Griffiths, Brigitte Jeffs,
Bruce MacQueen and WhyKinks :

Geoff Lewis

Geoff Murrell
Lead vocals

Olga Ruocco
Backing vocals

Patrick Costello
Lead guitar

Dick van Veelen
Rhythm guitar

Lynn Zecca
Bass guitar

Chris Griffiths
Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
All Day And All Of The Night
Animal Farm
Better Things
Big Black Smoke
Big Sky
Celluloid Heroes
Come Dancing
David Watts
Dead End Street
Death Of A Clown
Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
Do It Again
Fortis Green
I Gotta Move
I need you
I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Johnny Thunder
Louie Louie
Lost And Found
Low Budget
Muswell Hillbilly
People Take Pictures Of Each Other
Picture Book
Pretty Polly
Rosy won't you please come home
See My Friends
Set Me Free
She's got everything
Sitting On My Sofa
Slum Kids
Something better beginning
Stop Your Sobbing
Sunny Afternoon
This Is Where I Belong
Til The End Of The Day
Tired Of Waiting
To The Bone
Too much on my mind
Twentieth Century Man
Village Green
Village Green Preservation Society
Waterloo Sunset
Well Respected Man
Where Are They Now?
Where Have All The Good Times Gone
You Can't Stop The Music
You Really Got Me

Photomontage by WhyKinks

Photographs courtesy of Brigitte Jeffs, Bruce MacQueen,
Olga Ruocco, Simon van den Bergh, Xander van Veelen,
Steve Worrall and WhyKinks

Kinks forever!!. What a nite!! .The Clissold Arms' greatest night since I took over 2 years ago  - George Karageorgis

Well done Geoff, it was an amazing weekend and one I look forward to attending for many years.  - Anne Flood Keogh

Thanks Geoff, I still have the gig in my heart and mind.  - Roger Clarke

To The Bone for me!   Thank You Geoff - for me, the highlight was Saturday night's concert and, of course, the food and beer. - Geordi Mitchell

Great night, really enjoyed it! - Steve Worrall

Thanks for organising the singalong, Geoff, and thanks to all the musicians who played that unbelievable row of 60 Kinks songs.  - Rob Kopp

Hello, Geoff...I really enjoyed your band at the Clissold Arms.......a great atmosphere was created by all of you.....thank you.
- Eva Kamieniecka-Schiele

Had a great time... thanks again..   - Malcolm Gardner

What a brilliant evening and what a voice! - Brigitte Jeffs (to Geoff Murrell)

Still amazed how good that evening was. Abso abso brill.  - Jean Blacow

An evening to remember. Thank you all for good Kinks music. - Bruce Clarke

Looking forward to the next!! A fantastic night!! - Arve Tunstad

So do I  - Roland Nolet

Wonderful night on Saturday. Thanks so much to the band, the Clissold Arms and everyone who was there. - Madeleine Oakley

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