Poll : Which Kinks song would you like to see added to the
Kast Off Kinks Set List?

Voting to choose the next Kinks song to be added to the Kast Off Kinks repertoire has now closed. 

The clear winner, with 10.34% of the vote, was Twentieth Century Man.

In second place, with 8.10%, was Scattered.

There was a three-way tie for third place, with 7.54%, between
Do It AgainI'm Not Like Everybody Else and The Big Black Smoke.

Just behind those, in sixth place, with 7.26%, was
This Time Tomorrow.

The band have accepted the vote - Twentieth Century Man will be in the set at the Official Kinks Fan Konvention at the Boston Arms on 18 November 2012. The rest of the top 6 will be also be kept in mind.   See the full results here.

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