Kast Off Guests

Two random blokes and two ladies who have performed with the Kast Off Kinks

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Pete Quaife

Bass, Backing vocals

Pete Quaife and school friend Dave Davies formed The Kinks in 1962 and subsequently asked Ray Davies to join.The band was originally called the Ravens and performed rhythm and blues at local venues such as the Hornsey Recreation Club at Crouch End Secondary School. The 'Kinks' name came about only upon the signing of a recording contract in late 1963.

Pete was commonly the voice of the band in early press interviews. He was temporarily replaced in the Kinks in mid 1966 by John Dalton, after a serious car crash left him unable to perform. He resigned from the band shortly thereafter, but reconsidered and returned in November 1966.

For the next two years Pete played on albums such as Something Else By The Kinks and The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society, and helped rehearse some songs on the album Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire). Pete left The Kinks permanently in April 1969. He was again replaced on bass, this time permanently, by John Dalton.

In 1969, Pete formed a collaborative Canadian/UK hybrid band, Maple Oak, with ex-Just Us bassist Stan Endersby, Mick Cook and Martin Fisher. They embarked on a tour of Denmark during May 1969 but after the tour Cook left and Fisher brought in fellow Canadian and former bandmate MacBain (ex-Flying Circus/Olivus/Bobby Kris & The Imperials) as a replacement. Pete departed shortly after the release of their single Son of A Gun in early 1970.

Pete joined the Kast Off Kinks on stage at the Dutch Kinks fan club meeting at the Stairway To Heaven, Utrecht, in 2004, to play Louie Louie (see the video page)

Sadly, Pete died in June 2010.

Ray Davies

Lead Vocals, Rhythm guitar

No need for another biography of this man, one of the greatest songwriters of the 20th century, but for whom this site would not exist. He is vaguely known to the other members of the band.

Ray joined the Kast Off Kinks at the Fan Club gathering at the Boston Arms, Tuffnell Park, in 2007 to sing You Really Got Me and All Day And All Of The Night, and again in 2008, fresh from his success with his musical Come Dancing, to perform Days and, appropriately, Come Dancing. In April 2009, at the Dutch Fan Club meeting, Ray again joined the Kast Off Kinks and performed seven songs, including Shangri-La, A Long Way From Home and Better Things.The 2009 Boston Arms meeting saw Ray  join the band on stage several times - songs included Somebody Stole My Car, The Hard Way and Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues.

Rasa Davies

Backing vocals

Rasa Didzpetris married Ray Davies in 1964. They have two daughters, Louisa and Victoria. They separated in 1973.

Rasa sang backing vocals on many Kinks tracks in the 1960s, most famously on Waterloo Sunset and the Dave Davies single, Death Of A Clown.

In 2001, Rasa joined Debi Doss to sing backing vocals with the Kast Off Kinks at the Kinks fan club meeting at the Archway Tavern and again in Utrecht in 2006.

Karin Forsman

Backing Vocals

Originally from Sweden, Karen and her twin sister Maria Forsman-Larsson front country band The Pilgrim Sisters. She was also backing vocalist in The Ray Davies Band

She joined Ray and the Kast Off Kinks on stage at the Dutch Fan Club meeting in 2009, singing backing vocals on Days, Tired Of Waiting, A Long Way From Home and Come Dancing.

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