Mick Avory

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Mick Avory

Drums. Vocals on Dedicated Follower Of Fashion

For most fans Mick Avory is the definitive Kinks drummer! Mick joined The Kinks (at that time still known as The Ravens) in January 1964 and remained with the band through to July 1984.

The first hit album to feature his drumming was “Kinda Kinks” although his most brilliant moments would come on the albums “Village Green Preservation Society” and “Arthur”. His last recorded performance was on “Word of Mouth”, where he was featured on three tracks.

Since leaving The Kinks Mick has been a member of Shut Up Frank (featuring Dave Clarke, Noel Redding, Jim Leverton, Richard Simmons and Dave Rowberry) - two 5-track CDs, 1 Vinyl LP and 1 live CD from the Cheltenham Racetrack came out on Mouse Records. Also tours of Sweden, Norway and New Zealand.

Mick also played with The Class of 64 (with Chip Hawkes and Eric Haydock), The 60s Allstars, Brian Knight, Legends Of The Sixties and has been a permanent feature of the Kast Off Kinks since 1994.

Interview with Mick

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