Kinks Konvention 2009


Report and pictures by Olga Ruocco

The annual Kinks “Konvention”, organised by the Official Kinks Fan Club was held at the Boston Arms, Tufnell Park, north London  on Sunday 18 October 2009:


Oh what a day it was, what a day it was!  (Well afternoon, really).......what a line up of Kinks and Kast Offs to elicit screams and cheers and total happiness exhaustion. (To back this sentiment up, it's taken me until today to write the report). How often will a Kinks fan get to see two Kinks keyboard players, two Kinks drummers and two Kinks bass players in one gig?  If there is a reunion ever, this is the format to take...anyone who has ever worked on stage with Ray and Dave will have to get up there and do their bit.


Dave Emlen was there, and deservedly got a warm *official welcome* from Bill Orton,  and a deluge of cheers from the assembled throng.


As you will know already, Ray turned up, and gave us a toon or two, plus present KOKs Dave Clarke, Jim Rodford, Mick Avory and Ian Gibbons were there to play for us and have their set list order mangled; 


Bob Henrit took over for a few songs, John Gosling and John Dalton returned to add a bit of mayhem, and Debi Doss  joined to do some excellent backing vocals. It was wonderful to see the present KOKs support the past ones - there is just such a FAMILY feel about the way they watch one another on stage, and there's no ego hang-ups about getting off the stage so that someone else can take over. I always think it is because they have all been through the baptism of fire in working with Ray and Dave, and anyone who can survive that, belongs in a very special club.


The KOKs were ready to go when there was a loud whisper ("Ray is outside!"...then "Ray is here!") From where I was parked in front of the stage (middle) I could see Ray hovering behind the scenes. He was wearing some strange country gent overcoat, a fleece under that, and something else under that! Anyone would think he was cold... I did hear that he (again!) had to be persuaded to get up on stage....but once he was there he seemed happy enough and was grinning away and holding the mic over our heads so we could sing choruses, and was making merry banter (generally at Mick's expense). 


Set list (see I was thinking of you all in the pandemonium and hysteria!!) I hope this is accurate, ‘cos I was in some wild mood that afternoon!!!



(then guess what?  Out came Ray to pandemonium)

Low Budget

(Ray left).


David Watts

Gotta Move

Death Of A Clown

Muswell Hillbillies

Celluloid Heroes (did I hear the riff of "If I were a Carpenter"? in the intro. Dave always manages to incorporate several familiar non Kinks riffs into the intro)

Stop Your Sobbing

Sunny Afternoon

(Ray returned with a blue guitar)

The Hard Way

Somebody Stole My Car (Ray forgot the words and Dave took over, with Ray watching him intently - how offputting!!!)


YRGM (Then everyone went off for a break).





Part 2


Dead End Street

(Bob took over on drums)

Well Respected Man

Still Searching



(after this Bob left and Mick resumed and Nobby and Baptist took over from Jim and Ian. Nobby suggested Ray come on and sing)

Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues (oh can you imagine???? I was on such a high!!!).

(Ray left the stage after this one) 

Milk Kow Blues

God's Children (dedicated to Herman and Hiroshi and all those who have left us this year)

Louie Louie

Skin and Bones

(The Baptist and Nobby left and Ian and Jim took over)

Come Dancing

VGPS (always a very emotional song at any Kinks gathering)





(Ray was persuaded to come back on) ...)

Waterloo Sunset .(the band started a bit strangely, and Ray started singing Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight", but they got it together and we all joined in)

(Ray left and was mobbed outside).

Who'll Be the Next In Line?

Tired of Waiting


No time for an encore as the set had over-run by 45 minutes!!!!!! Bill had been hoping for an early finish (ie, the 5.30pm on the tickets), but where the KOKS are koncerned, nothing runs to any order. 


I think this must have been the best ever Kinks Fanklub meeting. It can only be topped if Pete Quaife and Dave Davies turn up next year!  Well done that Kommittee for organising it all. Thanks Ray for turning up and joining in the fun, and thanks KOKs and Kinks for making the fun in the first place, and thanks to the fans who are the ones they do it for!


Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :-)




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