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Lyn Griffin (lyncgriffin@ gmail.com)
Date:Fri 03 Mar 2017 14:38:49 GMT
Subject:Kast of f Kinks at borough theatre abergavenny Thursday 2nd March
 Great gig last evening at the above.Fabulous music and atmosphere.keep up the good work

Kast Off Kinks (webmaster@kstoddkinks.co.uk)
Date:Tue 17 Jan 2017 07:11:10 GMT
 I haven't been notified of any Scottish gigs yet, but you never know - keep watching the site.

Dorothy (@d.connor867@btinternet.com)
Date:Mon 16 Jan 2017 15:13:44 GMT
Subject:Back to Bonnie Scotland?
 A (bit belated) Happy New Year to everyone. Any chance of you coming back up to Scotland this year?

Dorothy (d.connor867@btinternet.com)
Date:Sat 15 Oct 2016 18:24:14 BST
 Please.......come back to Rutherglen. Desperate to see you all and hopefully to meet you. First record I ever bought was Dedicated Follower of Fashion. You have a fantastic sound -am blown away by you-you have made all the songs your own. Just discovered Celluloid Heroes, love it and singing it all the time. Hope to see you all soon. Listened in to your interview on Camglen Radio with my pal Cat Gibson, Mick and am sure she would love to speak to you again or better still to meet you. If you are short of a couple of backing singers, her and I could do it no bother!!She's great at all the harmonies and I've got all the moves!

Dorothy (@d.connor@btinternet.com)
Date:Wed 05 Oct 2016 21:37:04 BST
Subject:Welcome to Scotland!
 Hope you have a fantastic time when you come up to Scotland. Rutherglen Town Hall is an amazing venue and the people are fab. I am sure you will rock the town!!

Stephen Hawkins (stephen.hawkins@hotmail.com)
Date:Sat 14 May 2016 23:10:48 BST
Subject:Thank you
 Saw you tonight at Basildon. What a great night. First time I've seen you. Been a Kinks fan since early days. Great banter, great renditions of all the Kinks classics. You seemed to be enjoying it too. So next time you're in Essex I hope to see you again. Great musicianship keeping these classics alive. Thank you! You really got me .....

jbarryclark (jbarryclark@talktalk.net)
Date:Fri 26 Feb 2016 14:57:34 GMT
Subject:27th November 2015 party at Otley (my 75th)
 Hi all Nadia ,Ian,Mick Dave,and John Can I from the bottom of my heart ,sincerely thank you all for playing at my 75th party . The show,and party was brilliant .We had 175 guests and everyone commented about the band,the venue and the food . So thanks again for keeping your promise to me when I was 72 ,and turning up and putting on a brilliant night Barry and Susan x

Melanie (Melaniegant1@gmail.com )
Date:Sun 25 Oct 2015 12:52:05 GMT
Subject:Carmarthen gig
 What a fab night at Lyric Theatre Carmarthen! Thoroughly enjoyed it. Great music with good friends

sue thorne (thorne.sue@gmail.com)
Date:Wed 21 Oct 2015 10:24:19 BST
Subject:Burnham on sea gig
 Hi Guys thanks for a great night out, we really enjoyed ourselves. Please come back to Burnham next year.

Nozzy (Nozzy1962@talktalk.net )
Date:Sun 18 Oct 2015 11:43:41 BST
Subject:Exmouth gig
 Hi guys thanks for a great evening here in sunny exmouth. Music was brilliant and a excellent show. Looking forward to your return

jonathan louis (@jonathanplouis@live.co.uk)
Date:Mon 07 Sep 2015 10:31:25 BST
Subject:loughborough town hall venue
 the show was brilliant it was amazing the songs were really good and everything about the night was really good all the best jonni please come back

Ray (the van) Lovegrove (rlovegrove@live.com)
Date:Mon 13 Jul 2015 20:58:44 BST
 Well Mick, Nobby, & boys Last time you were in Exmouth we had a brief chat YES I know its 50 years on but I have succeeded in my business ventures & have 2 well respected businesses here in Exmouth. Of course my wife & i will be there to see you !!! I extend an invitation to you all to come to our private house in Exmouth for lunch our cook would be delighted to give you a super meal. If you get this e-mail me!!!!!

PHILIP SPARGO (philipspargo1@tiscali.co.uk)
Date:Mon 16 Mar 2015 17:05:28 GMT
Subject:Brean Sands Concert
 Hi Boy's Just seen you at brean Sands on Sunday 15th what a great show the room was bouncing, i have just booked to see you at Falmouth Cornwall on 13th August can't wait. See you there Phil.

Roy Burton (Old school friend of Ian Gibbons!) (roy56@live.co.uk)
Date:Wed 07 Jan 2015 15:40:49 GMT
 Hi Ian- Been trying to find you for years, never thought of facebook or google! What a muppet I am! lol

Buddy (jbtw70@gmail.com)
Date:Sat 20 Sep 2014 15:59:56 BST
 See you down the red lion.

Buddy (jbtw70@gmail.com)
Date:Sat 20 Sep 2014 15:54:08 BST
 It was great seeing you guys last night,I am a volunteer at the theatre,so when John mentioned the Mark Four Band it all came flooding back, as I used to go and see the band at the Woolsey hall in the sixties, happy memories guys,cheers, and John you don't look a year older!! Buddy

Dadick (dadick@o2.pl)
Date:Sun 15 Jun 2014 21:36:39 BST
Subject:The Kast off Kinks plays in the school in Sweden !

GERRY AND JEAN ( g.kostilek565@btinternet.com)
Date:Wed 11 Jun 2014 11:53:07 BST
 just seen you at the mod invasion. took some good pics and vids. all I can say is BLOODY FANTASTIC. we only came as we follow steve and love affair. we will watch out for your gigs and if poss we will see you again soon. Gerry and jean.

Leo Cardinaels (leo.cardinaels@hotmail.com)
Date:Mon 26 Aug 2013 23:45:22 BST
Subject:Great concert !!
 As a Kinks fan, I truly enjoyed your show at Vostertfeesten in Bree (my birthplace), Belgium, on August 25. You brought back lots of memories from past times... I've seen the Kinks live about 10 times, convinced they were one of the greatest bands ever. I even traveled to London to see them performing on December 24, 1977, on Christmas Eve, in the Rainbow Theatre.

mikepengelly (mikepengelly@talktalk.net)
Date:Mon 08 Apr 2013 17:23:23 BST
Subject:Good to see David still Rocking
 Now I am in my seventies I spend time surfing the net and came across the Kast off Kinks and who should I see as lead Guitar and singer my old naval colleage David Clark. Good to see you and keep on rocking Mike Pengelly

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