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Gabe Roelfsema (gaberoe@gmail.com)
Date:Wed 06 May 2009 09:37:36 BST
Subject:Leaving the Kinks in 1984
 Mick, What was the reason that you left the Kinks in 1984 after more than 20 years. Suddenly you were replaced by Bob Henrit and I have always wondered why. Was it your own choise or for another reason. best wishes, Gabe
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Anne Flood Keogh (annelowbudget@hotmail.com)
Date:Wed 06 May 2009 11:54:19 BST
Subject:Question for Mick
 Have heard so many thoughts on your relationship with Dave back in the day, what was it really like?
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Paul Undersinger (paul@paulworks.com)
Date:Wed 13 May 2009 13:21:32 BST
Subject:Drums %26 Drumming
 Which drummers influenced your playing? When did you start playing drums? Do you still play or practice when away from the Kast Off Kinks?
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Name: Peter Nowling (peter_now@hotmail.com)
Date:Wed 13 May 2009 13:23:49 BST
Subject:Favorite Kinks Song
 Mick...If you had to narrow it all down..What is your favorite Kinks song...and why ? and your memories during it's recording.
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GoKinKs9 (gokinks9@roadrunner.com)
Date:Wed 13 May 2009 13:28:31 BST
Subject:Jerry Shirley
 Mick, Met Jerry Shirley when he was in Cleveland and he said you were a great golfer. How did you guys meet and any intresting stories?
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dave bedson (northdevoncleaningservices@btinternet.com)
Date:Sun 26 Feb 2012 13:00:58 GMT
Subject:Mick and Jim and me with Johnny Roagan
 Hi, you may remember me from Hoddesdon Conservative club where you played at numerous beer festivals. You also played at my surprise 40th birthday party there too. Just to say i am the tall blonde fat bloke who Mick very kindly let me play on his drums. I have since moved to north devon and have played drums in several bands down here. The live band arena down here is great and it is a pity you guys only get as far as Dorset. If either of you fancy a break in an out of the way north devon coastal village let me know and i will be only too pleased to put you up and keep you in beer. You have absolutley no end of fans down here who are envious of my knowing, meeting and playing with you. Dont worry where i live even the sea gulls have their own privacy so you wont be bothered other than by big busted wenches serving cool beer! Anyway just wanted to touch base and to see if you remember this large chap from good old Hoddesdon. Take care and all the best Dave
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Steven Nine (chargernine@gmail.com)
Date:Sat 12 Jan 2013 23:19:26 GMT
Subject:Location for video of "Sunny Afternoon"
 Mick Can you tell me where the video for Sunny Afternoon was taped? Its a great song and I was just wondering how you ended up in a snowy field? Thanks! Steve
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Mike Holmes (milesholmes9@hotmail.com)
Date:Fri 12 May 2017 20:43:03 BST
Subject:Berlin 1965
 I have been reading a book on the Kinks and I was surprised that a gig in summer of 1965 in an open-air park in Berlin was not mentioned. I was the drummer with Screaming Lord Sutch and I played your kit,which I think was a Gretsch. Sutch told me that he had arranged it with yourselves for me to use your drum kit,but I doubted this at the time! I look forward to seeing the band at The Cavern later this year,maybe speak to you then. Regards, Mike Holmes
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