Interviews & Specials

A collection of special one-off items

The Mick Avory Interview
Interview with Val Dalton
The John Dalton Interview
The John Gosling Interview
Interview with Bob Henrit - audio, illustrated with photos, music and video clips
 In Conversation with Bob about Jim - audio with photos and video clips
Bob Henrit’s memories of Jim, in writing
Bob Henrit’s memories of Ian

We would like to thank the many Kinks fans who sent in questions to be asked in these interviews, particularly Chris O’Brien, who provided very many excellent questions.

Video : Morpeth charity gig 2016, with Ian Gibbons interview : Full  Shorter
Video : Morpeth charity gig 2015, with Mick Avory interview
Video and pics : Fans’ eve-of-Konvention Kinks singalong, Clissold Arms 2012
Video and pics : Fans’ eve-of-Konvention Kinks singalong, Clissold Arms 2011
Olga’s report on the Konvention 2009
Bruce MacQueen’s tour report 2010

Audio : 2013 Blog interview with Dave, Ian, Jim and Mick

Audio : Dave Clarke on Express FM

Audio : Jim Rodford on Express FM

Audio : Bob Henrit on Express FM

Audio : Mick Avory on Express FM

Audio : Ian Gibbons on Express FM

Audio : John Dalton on Express FM

Video : Jim, Mick & Ian in a Ray Davies promo

Video : A new look at the Lost & Found promo

Pictures : The Wedding Of The Year 2010

Pictures : Mick at Clissold Arms Kinks Room

Pictures : Pete Quaife book launch

Info : The Kinks’ London

 Videos and pics : Jim Rodford and Bob Henrit on Argent’s 2012 reunion tour

When Ian was taken ill, May 2009

The name change vote October 2009

The new KOK song vote October 2012

Olga’s Birthday June 2009

Press review of Poole gig April 2010

Book Review : God Save The Kinks

Bob Henrit Banging On!

Silly stuff :

My Wife’s A Cow : A mercifully short clip of Mick and Nobby being silly in Oslo

Mick, Nobby and Baptist with the Davies brothers in a rarely-seen out-take from "Preservation":  

Another out-take - supermen Mick and the Davies brothers getting on down:  


Video : Jamming with Nobby and Dave
Video : Nobby, Dave, Mick and Bob as ZZ Top
Video : Olga’s prestigious out takes
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