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Acknowledgements and thanks for photographs, information and other assistance are also due to :

ArnieG, Chris van Alem, Kai Arne Armann, Gard van Brakel, Simon van den Bergh, Clare Bull. Sue Cockerill, Ben Elsendoorn, Dave Emlen, Sharon Iles, Brigitte & Steve Jeffs, Bruce MacQueen, Geoff Murrell, Johanna Muse, Rob Pierson, Paul Preston, Gabe Roelfsema, Alfred Russell, Ron Seidler, Eddy Spence, Glenn Taylor, Joyce Thomas, Arve Tunstad, Tom Visscher, Pete Watkins, Just William, Ron Zonneveld,, “Pete” on Picasaweb, Eddybonte, Giddykipper, Haisemeister, Hudebnici, Starbird, Arista, Konk, Metamedia, Pye, RCA, V2, Velvel

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